UQ Korean Medical Society (UQKMS)

University of Queensland Korean Medical Society is an organisation that aims to provide and support opportunities for our fellow students to improve academically in a safe environment, to network those across various years within MD and the community, and to socialise and meet new peers in small groups.
We are primarily composed of those of Korean background but anyone is welcome! Please join the Facebook group and contact us via our account if you’re interested

UQ Stargazing and Astronomy (UQSA)

The UQ Stargazing and Astronomy (UQSA) society creates a community of students who love space and aims to connect these students with the broader world of astronomy. UQSA creates a space where anyone can learn more about stargazing and astronomy, with as little barrier-to-entry as possible and fosters community through casual stargazing nights and fireside chats with astronomers and astrophysicists. UQSA hosts a wide variety of events, from space-themed movie-nights to technical build-nights, with the aim of creating a place where anybody who loves space can feel at home.

UQ Critical Care (Crit)

UQCrit is a medical student interest group for Critical Care Specialties (EM, ICU, Anaesthetics). We are primarily an educational society focussed on exposing MD students to the breadth of knowledge and experiences that critical care medicine brings!

Towards Rural and Outback Health Professionals in Queensland (TROHPIQ)

TROHPIQ is Queensland’s rural health club dedicated to helping medical, nursing and allied health students experience the unique career and lifestyle opportunities to be found beyond the big town of Brisbane. We established ourselves in 1994 and have been working towards this goal since then. The club serves students at UQ, QUT, ACU, USQ, CQU.


UQ’s Premier Student Biology Society

The University of Queensland School of the Environment Postgraduate Association (UQ SEPA)

The University of Queensland School of the Environment Postgraduate Association (UQ SEPA) works to foster research and social connections among postgraduate students within the School of the Environment. It will do so through meetings, social events, and an annual conference where students can present their research in a friendly environment. This Club also hopes to foster mentorship among new and old students to promote successful research and collaboration within the school.

UQ Paeds

UQPaeds is an organisation for all healthcare students passionate about a future in paediatric medicine. We have 5 main branches: Research Opportunities | Paediatric Education Opportunities | Networking & Mentorship | Clinical Exposure | Community Outreach

UQ Dermatology

Being comfortable in our own skin. Supporting the education and passion of the next generation of skin-savvy medical graduates.

UQ Archaeological Society (UQAS)

A supportive community for all students enrolled or interested in archaeology at UQ. Hands-on experimental workshops, mentoring and support, involvement with industry leaders, field schools and casual networking events

UQ Mathematics Student Society (UQ MSS)

The Mathematics Students Society is the club to join for all students who love mathematics, regardless of degree. We run fortnightly maths talks presented by students, as well as industry talks to help our members network and develop critical job skills. MSS also hosts large social events every semester and collaborates with a plethora of other clubs to spread the love of mathematics.

UQ O&G Medicine

The future of women’s health. At UQ O&G Medicine, women’s wellbeing and reproductive health are at the forefront of our passion for medicine.

UQ Banking Club (UQBC)

The UQ Banking Club was formed in 2011 as the Student Investment Association and aims to bridge the gap between talented finance students and the banking industry through professional development and networking events.

The University of Queensland Agribusiness Association (UQAA)

The University of Queensland Agribusiness Association (UQAA) serves as the student association for all students within Agribusiness or related dual degree programs. UQAA aims to connect students with career-enhancing opportunities and potential employers by partnering with a diverse range of Agribusinesses.

UQ Ecological Society

A society for anyone with an interest or study program in ecology, zoology, conservation, wildlife or any other related sciences. We are science, industry and research-orientated, incorporating behavior, ecology, conservation, evolution, consulting and more!

UQ Education Society (EdSoc)

UQ EDSOC is a student-run group that provides a place for future educators to network, share ideas, share resources and connect socially. Though we are affiliated with the UQ Union and work closely with UQ’s School of Education, we welcome all those who have an interest in Education or the UQ EDSOC events.

Students of the Institute for Molecular Bioscience Association (SIMBA)

SIMBA is a student-led organization that aims to assist any and all students who are studying at IMB or who are interested in studying at IMB. SIMBA facilitates professional development and camaraderie among Students at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB). SIMBA both represents and advocates for students at the IMB and throughout the University.


This is a society that was created to bring females spanning across technology-based disciplines together to foster a support system for a like minded community.