Social Science Postgraduate Association (UQSSPA)

SSPA is a student-led association which seeks to empower postgraduate students in the social sciences at UQ to socialise, learn, and develop both personally and professionally. We seek to foster holistic personal and professional connections and encourage critical learning and inter-disciplinary knowledge exchange between the social science disciplines and collectively build a sustainable student community.

UQ Bakeology

The University of Queensland’s first baking club, connecting people of different backgrounds through a shared interest in baking and/ or baked goods! UQ Bakeology aims to create a safe space that is inclusive of people from different backgrounds with either an interest in baking or simply a shared love for food. Club members will be able to connect with others through baking-related activities, sharing baking recipes from different cultures, and both learning from and educating each other. The club promotes baking as a form of art and joyful activity. Through UQ Bakeology, learning how to bake will become more accessible, supporting the belief that anyone can bake.

Cosy Gamers Club (UQCGC)

Welcome to the UQ Cosy Gamers Club, where the warmth of friendship meets the thrill of gaming! As a social club nestled within the vibrant community of the University of Queensland, we provide a cosy haven for gamers of all levels and interests. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your gaming journey, our club offers a welcoming space to connect, unwind, and share the joy of gaming. Join us for regular gatherings filled with laughter, camaraderie, and, of course, plenty of gaming adventures. Embrace the cosy atmosphere and make lasting friendships as we celebrate the diverse world of gaming together at the UQ Cosy Gamers Club.

UQ Mahjong Society (UQMS)

The University of Queensland Mahjong Society (UQMS) is a non-profit student society based at the UQ St. Lucia campus. UQMS strives to create a community of Mahjong players from different countries, cultures and backgrounds who come together to socialize, network, make new friends, learn from one another and more importantly have fun!

UQ Travellers Club (UQTC)

Welcome to the official website of UQ Travellers Club, a vibrant student club where students get a chance to escape the university stress and explore the best of Australia. Discover the beauty of both popular and offbeat destinations along side other like-minded travellers. Our club organises trips to showcase the breathtaking landscape of Australia. Beyond sightseeing, we also help foster a community of friendship and personal growth with various games and events on campus. We encourage participation from all walks of life – from nature lovers to history enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies to curious souls seeking new connections, there’s a place for everyone within our club.

Wordsmiths UQ Writing Society (UQWS)

Welcome to the official website of Wordsmiths – UQ Writing Society, a vibrant community that celebrates the art of creative writing in all its forms. Our society is dedicated to promoting a shared interest in the written word, fostering an environment where aspiring writers can flourish, and creating a network of individuals passionate about writing.

Queensland University Games Society (QUGS)

The members of the Queensland University Games Society enjoy playing a broad range of game genres including abstract strategy, bluffing, cooperative, deck building, drafting, engine building, press your luck, role playing, set collection, worker placement, and many more. A full list of the society’s games can be found on our website at

UQ Minorities in Media Society(UQMiMS)

UQMIMS aims to increase the visibility of minority groups (especially LGBTQIA+, Disability, and diverse cultures and backgrounds) on campus and promote our inclusion and perspectives within the literature, film, television, and poetry we consume!

Join us for discussion and sharing media within the group, as well as attending and supporting local events such as the Undercover Artist Festival and Pride Film Festival.

UQ Radiology Interest Group (UQRIG)

UQRIG aims to increase medical student’s knowledge & exposure to the field of radiology. We want to help you realise your passion for medical imaging by providing networking, research, & educational opportunities!

UQ Handcraft & Art Club (UQHAC)

Are you a seasoned crafter looking to start a hobby business? Or are you a craft newbie looking for new hobbies or to learn a certain craft? Or even if you are just looking to make new friends in uni, you will find what you are looking for in our club!

UQ Formula Racing Society (UQFRS)

We are the UQ Formula Racing Society — lovers of F1, F2, F3 and Formula E, but basically, all that Formula Motorsport has to offer. We provide a community for both old and new fans, or anybody that is interested in learning more, to celebrate, laugh about and discuss Formula 1.

UQ English and Literature Society (UQEELS)

Welcome! UQ’s English and Literature Society is passionate about all things literature and how books provide a unique way to see the world.
This is a space for you to share your favourite books, writers and authors with other fellow students!

UQ K-nation (KN)

Hey! we’re K-Nation, UQ’s first ever social k-pop club. We’re basically a group of people who bond over our special interest in k-pop and its culture. Our events mostly consistent of hands-on activities that relate to k-pop such as trivia, jeopardy night, games night, art and crafts, and much more. We also have our occasional outings outside of St Lucia campus, where we have karaoke nights, and eat Korean food (or whatever food we decide on the night :p).

UQ Karaoke Club

At the UQ Karaoke Club we love nothing more than to sing the night away, but we aim to do much more! We want to create a fun and inclusive environment for everyone to connect and make friends, as well as create a sense of community for new and existing students where they can network, meet people from different faculties and cultural backgrounds. We host killer karaoke events, but also a range of other activities too! We also look forward to epic collabs with like-minded clubs where we love to give people a chance to meet people they wouldn’t usually meet!

UQ Football Society

Do you love the game of football, and watching/playing it? Then this is the society for you!

Chess Club (UQCC)

University of Queensland Chess Club (UQCC) is a club that is affiliated with the University of Queensland Union and the Chess Association of Queensland. We hold a variety of events from beginner classes to tournaments and our regular social chess events occur weekly on Wednesday afternoons from 4:00pm until 6:00pm.  You can find us on Facebook at where we regularly post event updates or contact us personally at [email protected].”